A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"Emeka Cry" is a game inspired by the good times I spend taking care of my 5 months old nephew.

What I wanted to show is what I feel when I have him in my arms and the only thing that matters is to calm him down and encourage him to sleep. For this I have used children's drawing, with little detail of the surroundings, simple animations that transmit the mood of Emeka with music of Bob Marley.

For the change of emotions (crying, laughter and sleep) I have programmed a small script that is based on the positions that he likes most depending on his mood. A clue, If you are getting him to sleep and shaking him over your arms you have a good chance of waking him up ;)

The goal of the game is to get Emeka to fall asleep, so it concludes with an "Emeka Wins".

This is a flatgame following the rules of FlatGame Annual 2016


EmekaCry_for_Windows.zip 16 MB
EmekaCry_for_Mac.zip 20 MB

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